New funding from National Science Centre

Iwona Justyniak and Michał Leszczyński among the laureates of spring edition of NCN funding schemes

The National Centre of Science (Narodowe Centrum Nauki, NCN) has concluded OPUS 8, PRELUDIUM 8 & SONATA 8 grant calls contributing over € 50 million to basic research in Poland. In response to the three calls, the NCN received over 5,000 proposals, of which ca. 700 have qualified for funding. Two of the qualified proposals were submitted by our group.


OPUS continues to remain the most popular of the National Science Centre’s funding schemes. Its calls are open to all researchers, regardless of their research experience. The funding from the NCN may help finance different types of research activity: the purchase of equipment, employment of co-investigators, research expeditions etc.

Project leader: Iwona Justyniak
Project title (Polish): Nieorganiczno-organiczne układy szkieletowe oparte na achiralnych i homochiralnych metaloorganicznych jednostkach budulcowych
Project title (English): Metal-organic framework systems based on achiral and homochiral organometallic building units
Funding: PLN 630 700 (ca. EUR 150 000)


Dedicated to early-stage researchers is the PRELUDIUM funding scheme. A person submitting a proposal under the PRELUDIUM call has to be a researcher before completion of their doctorate, therefore it is doctoral candidates who make up the majority of applicants.

Project leader: Michał Leszczyński
Project title (Polish): Materiały typu MOF na bazie jonów chromu (II) i ich reaktywność w procesach redoks
Project title (English): Redox-active metal-organic frameworks based on chromium (II) ions
Funding: PLN 100 000 (ca. EUR 25 000)

source: NCN, more info here


Iwona Justyniak, photo: Grzegorz Krzyżewski


Michał Leszczyński, photo: Piotr Krupiński