Opus and Preludium to be performed in our group

Janusz Lewiński and Katarzyna Sołtys among the laureates of NCN fundamental science grants

The National Centre of Science (Narodowe Centrum Nauki, NCN) has concluded OPUS 7, PRELUDIUM 7 & SONATA 7 grant calls contributing over € 67 million to basic research in Poland. In response to the three calls, the NCN received over 5,000 proposals, of which 715 have qualified for funding. Two of the qualified proposals were submitted by our group.


OPUS continues to remain the most popular of the National Science Centre’s funding schemes. Its calls are open to all researchers, regardless of their research experience. The funding from the NCN may help finance different types of research activity: the purchase of equipment, employment of co-investigators, research expeditions etc. In the seventh edition of the OPUS calls, as many as 362 research projects across all three research domains (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering) received aggregate funding of over € 50 million.

Project leader: Janusz Lewiński
Project title (Polish): Metaloorganiczne podejście do wytwarzania nanostrukturalnych form ZnO
Project title (English): Organometallic approach to the fabrication of nanostructured forms of ZnO
Funding: PLN 1 238 600 (ca. EUR 0.3 million)


Dedicated to early-stage researchers is the PRELUDIUM funding scheme. A person submitting a proposal under the PRELUDIUM call has to be a researcher before completion of their doctorate, therefore it is doctoral candidates who make up the majority of applicants. In the recent edition, funding worth ca. € 6 million was granted to 240 proposals.

Project leader: Katarzyna Sołtys
Project title (Polish): Projektowanie, synteza i charakteryzacja luminescencyjnych materiałów molekularnych i polimerów koordynacyjnych otrzymywanych z prekursorów cynkoorganicznych
Project title (English): Design, synthesis and characterisation of molecular luminescent materials and coordination polymers formed from organozinc precursors
Funding: PLN 99 000 (ca. EUR 25 000)

source: NCN, more info here


Janusz Lewiński, photo: Grzegorz Krzyżewski


Katarzyna Sołtys, photo: Grzegorz Krzyżewski