Łukasz Mąkolski

makolski Łukasz Mąkolski, MSc EngPhD Student, TEAM ProjectWarsaw University of Technology

tel: +48 22 234 7315

email: lukas.makolski@gmail.coml




2009 – present: PhD Student, TEAM project



2011-2012: M.Sc. Eng with Honours in Chemical Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

Thesis Title: Investigation of Transformations of Alkylalkoxyzinc Derivatives

2007-2011: B.Sc. Eng inChemical Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

Thesis Title: Designing and Synthesis of New Model Alkyloalkoxyzinc Derivatives


Major skills

  • knowledge of basic chemical programs like: ChemSketch, InkScape, Mestre Nova, Mercury, Diamond and others

Scholarships, Grants & Awards


Research interests

  • Activation of small molecules,
  • mechanochemistry and solid-state chemistry of Alkyloalkoxyzinc Derivatives
  • Synthesis and characterisation of novel alkoxy-/aryloxyzinc derivatives


Other Intrests & Hobbies

Strategic games, swimming, fantasy, group retreats organisation



  1. International Congress of Young Chemists,”YoungChem2010”, “Towards Single-Source Alkylzinc Alkoxy and Hydroxy Precursors for Nanostructural ZnO” – Best poster
  2. International Congress of Young Chemists,”YoungChem2011”„ Designing and synthesis of new model alkyloalkoxyzinc derivatives”
  3. International Congress of Young Chemists,”YoungChem2012”„ Desolvatation – simple route to new moieties”