Power of mechanochemistry: A new multicomponent perovskite

Scientists from Lewinski Group working within GOTSolar H2020 project have demonstrated a perovskite cell, in which a relatively large guanidinium cation was incorporated into the crystal structure of perovskite using solventless mechanochemical approach. Guanidinium perovskites contain less volatile amines and are more resistant to external factors than the parent perovskite. The higher durability of the photovoltaic cells is a considerable argument in favour of their commercialization.

A press release about this piece of research has been published by the IChF PAN. Full text is available here: http://ichf.edu.pl/press/2018/05/IChF180517a_EN.pdf

The original founding were publish in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. More info about this paper including full text in open access is available here:


Playing with perovskite structures at IChF PAN. Photo: Grzegorz Krzyżewski/IChF PAN