Available student positions in OPUS14 project!

We are searching for motivated bachelor/master students to take part in the National Science Centre’s OPUS14 project entitled “Towards New Metal Alkoxides and Alkylperoxides: Contrasting Oxygenation vs Protonolysis Reactions of the Respective Organometallics”.

The project aims at developing effecitve synthesis methods of metal alkoxyl and alkylperoxide complexes stabilized by bifunctional X,Y-ligands, as well as determining factors influencing their stability and reactivity. These results will become key tools for the development of new, efficient reagents and catalysts based on metal alkoxides and alkylperoxides.

Project leader: Professor Janusz Lewiński
Project timespan: June 2018 – June 2020

Detailed information about the available positions and recruitment you will find here

The deadline for document submission is 18 August 2019.