Janusz Lewinski on Nobel Prize, Quantum Dots, and Facial Hair Growth Rate

Janusz Lewiński was invited to take part in the Halo Polonia TV show. The talk has been broadcast in the evening October, 5 on TVP Polonia.

He was asked about the chemistry Nobel Prize laureates and his involvment in development of Quantum Dots technology.

Halo Polonia is an interactive studio dedicated to broad discussion based on the most important issues covered in the news programme Polonia24, relating to the most important events that drive the life pace of Poland and Poles. During the programme, the personalities of famous Poles are also presented. Halo Polonia is also fully equipped for promotion and support of various Polish regions.[source:tvp.pl]

You can watch the whole programme here. The interview with Prof. Lewinski starts at 00:34:40.

Janusz Lewinski in TVP Polonia

Prof. Lewiński: “Diameter of Quantum Dots we produce is the same as how much my beard grows while saying this sentence”.